Receives prestigious International Trade Award from the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.


Received "IEC61508 SIL Certification" for PLC FS-800.

"Authorized Automation Service Institute(AU2/AU3/AU4)" appointed by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.


President Sun received the award of "ITRI Laureate".

2013 Received 2012 IBM Best Partner Awards.
2010 Received R.O.C. patent for “Automatic Control Method of Laser Cutting Apparatus ”
Received R.O.C. patent for “Signal Processing Method and Apparatus of Flat Panel Visual Inspection"
2009 Tainan Science Park Factory commissioned.
2008 The headquarters building of Mirle Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD. commissioned.
Received "Outstanding Performance in Industria‧Safety" Award from CMO.
2007 First Optica‧Glass Molding press shipped.
Received "Outstanding Domestic Production Enhancement of LCD Equipments" Award from Industria‧Development Bureau, MOEA.
Won "Innovative Product" Award for Cleanroom Stocker from Hsinchu Science Park Administration.
2006 "Clean Building" commissioned.
President Sun received the award of" Excellent Director of BOD" from Chinese Nationa‧Federation of Industries.
President Sun served the honorary chairman for Taiwan Society of Manufacturing & Automation.
President Sun served the honorary chairman for Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Taipei.
2005 Our selling increased from the orders of FPD Fab.
Profit increased 80%.
2004 Received "Top of Customer Service Satisfaction Award" from IBM-Taiwan.
2003 Established branch office in Tainan Science Park.
2002 Invested Formosa Medica‧Device Inc. and diversified to Bio-Medica‧field.
Received ISO-9001: 2000 Certification.
Won "Innovative Product" Award for Dipping Machine from Hsinchu Science Park Administration.
2001 Publicly traded on TSEC (Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation).
Started marketing of "Safety Syringe".
Won "Industria‧Sustainable Development Excellence" Award form MOEA.
2000 Won "Distinguished Achievement" Awards from Hsinchu Science Park Administration in 1999 & 2000.
Won "Industria‧Technology Advancement" Award from MOEA.
1999 Listed on OTC(Over-The-Counter Securities Exchange)
Won IBM-Taiwan "BP of The Year" Award.
1998 The headquarters main building opened
Packaging Machine & Fama Controller received CE mark.
1997 Established Mirle Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD.
Received "500 sets of Robot" Award from Yaskawa Electric Corp., Japan.
FAMA PC-Based Controller received U‧certification and started marketing in north of U.S.A.
1996 Received ISO 9001 Certification.
Received "Innovative Product" Award for FAMA Programmable Controllers from Hsinchu Science Park Administration.
1995 Won "Excellent Industria‧Automation" Award from Product Packaging Association, R.O.C.
"Authorized Automation Service Institute" appointed by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.
1994 Received sponsorship from MOEA, for The R&D Project of Programmable Controllers.
1993 Developed ASRS Crane of long stroke and heavy payload, with SBIP's research aid.
1992 Received "Excellent Technology Development" Award from CAITA.
1991 Became a distributor of Robots for Yaskawa Electric Corp., Japan.
First generation Injection Molding Machine Controller (IJC) developed.
1992 Factory I commissioned.
Mirle's first AS/RS installed in Quanta Computer Inc.
1989 Founded at Hsinchu Science Park, capita‧is NTD 550,000,000