Servo Drivers
NDX Multi-axes Controller
NDX Multi-axes Controller has the following features: 1. Over 10 different I/O modules for individual demands. 2. RS232/RS422 ports for connecting MMI, teaching box or PC. 3. Maximum 3 backplanes for extension. 4. Applications: winding machine, dispenser, spring making machine.

Full Digital AC Servo Driver Standard Type - SD Series
Full digital control. Compact size. Easy switching among 3 control modes (Torque, Speedand Position) through control panel. Panel display of motor running status or driver alarm signal. Easy gain tuning, and embedded regeneration circuit.

SDPLC Axis Controllers
SDPLC Axis Controller is an integrated PLC composed of single-axis controller and servo driver. With its single-CPU design, the controller can achieve near real-time communication with driver to boost the efficiency of motion control. With MMI or PC as the upper computer to control each axis, SDPLC can connect up to 8 axes at the same time. It has complete functions and is easy to operate.

Full Digital AC Servo Driver Compact Type - SDP/SDS/SDD Series
Full digital AC servo driver compact series includes SDP (Position), SDS (Speed), and SDD (Position + Speed). All of them provide complete functions and low cost solutions.

MA Series Servo Motor
MA Series Servo Motors are designed and manufactured solely by Mirle. Their main features include: low-vibration, low-noise, compact in size, clean & neat appearance and easy installation. Models for 400W ~ 3KW are readily available; higher power models are under construction. Please visit this site often for the latest update.

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