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Energy Saving Servo Pump (MP Series)
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Product Description
ž 40 to 80% of the energy used in traditional hydraulic injection molding machine can be saved, the production cost is reduced and the competitiveness is enhanced.
ž Oil temperature is kept low, and water saving is about 70%. Not only the service life of hydraulic oil is extended, but also the temperature and noise level in the plant is reduced, and the working environment is improved.
ž With the high-efficiency internal gear oil pump imported from Germany, the discharge rate can be higher than 95%; besides, the pump can keep high efficiency operation under high pressure, low flow rate circumstances to meet the packing and energy saving requirements of the injection molding machine.
ž General Specifications: Input voltage 380V, input command ±10V, working pressure ≤ 160 Bar.

       MP-80 Low flow rate energy saving pump
1.maximum working flow rate: 80 LPM
2.inlet/outlet diameter: 1/2" / 1"
3.weight/dimension: (91 Kg) / (716L*245W*288H)
MP-130 Medium flow rate energy saving pump
1. maximum working flow rate: 130 LPM
2. inlet/outlet diameter : 1(1/2)" / 1"
3. weight/dimension: (100 Kg) / (922L*245W*288H)
MP-180 High flow rate energy saving pump
1. maximum working flow rate : 180 LPM
2. inlet/outlet diameter: 2(1/2)" / 1(1/4)"
3. weight/dimension: (158 Kg) / (931L*300W*370H)